Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and Analytics

Data quality matters. Your business needs accurate information in order to operate optimally. Data should be checked for completeness, consistency, integrity, and accuracy. Inadequate data can be damaging to your business, but with the Web Analytics Central team monitoring your data, you will always be well informed.

There are many tools available that are capable of providing your business with data and reports. However, data isn’t useful unless you know how to analyze it and then act upon that analysis.

Web Analytics Central can send reports as requested including but not limited to:

  • Search engine analytics
  • E-commerce reports
  • Funnel analysis reports
  • Path analysis reports
  • Content analytics
  • KPI reports
  • Web traffic analysis reports
  • Navigation analysis reports
  • Campaign reports
  • Internal search analysis reports
  • Regular/ ad hoc web analytics reports

Our staff of trained and certified analytics professionals will help you understand the data and outline the best plan of action for optimizing your business based on the data. Our team will map out potential reports based on your specific needs and then work with you to refine it to your desired state.

Our staff has expertise in web analytics applications including Adobe’s Omniture suite of products (Sitecatalyst, Discover, Insight, Test and Target), Google Analytics (Google Website Optimizer, Google Adwords), IBM, Unica NetInsight, Webtrends, ClickTracks, and Coremetrics.  Leveraging these applications, we can build and set up customized dashboards for our clients.  We can send out reports as needed on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Web Analytics Central can give you the insight into the data that you need!

Let Web Analytics Central help you with your reporting and analytics needs! Contact us today!